Can Rock wool board do partition wall?

Rock wool board
Rock wool board is basalt and other natural minerals as the main raw material, high temperature melting fiber-forming, adding an appropriate amount of
adhesive curing process and made widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, electricity, construction and other industries, has a good insulation, sound
insulation. Construction and installation-friendly, energy-saving effect is remarkable, with high cost performance. Rock wool board is a new type of
insulation, burning compartment, sound-absorbing material.
Marine and water-repellent wool insulation board in the production of water-repellent additive added, with good moisture resistance. Thermal insulation and
fire cut wool board for marine vessels; water-repellent wool board for vehicles, mobile equipment, cold storage, air conditioning ducts and fire insulation
in a humid environment, and there are certain requirements for moisture applications.
Rock wool building slabs have excellent fire protection, thermal insulation and sound absorption properties. It is mainly used for building walls, thermal
insulation of the roof; building walls, firewalls, fire doors and fire and noise of the elevator shaft.
Characteristics of rock wool board
1, the appearance of quality: surface smooth, without prejudice to the practical scars, stains damaged.
2, combustion performance: non-combustible.
3, the heat load shrink temperature: 643 degrees.
4, moisture absorption: 3.9%.
5, organic matter content: 2.9%.
Performance of rock wool board
Fire: insulation materials for non-combustible material, fully able to meet fire code requirements.
Durability: many studies have shown that more than 40 years and is widely used abroad confirmed, with a special coating color steel shelf life of 10--15
years, every 10 years after spraying anti-corrosion coatings, plate life of up to 35 years.

High intensity: the use of high strength steel for the substrate (tensile tensile strength 5600KG / CM) coupled with the most advanced design and roll
forming, with excellent structural properties.
Insulation: The composite panels commonly used insulation materials are: rock wool, fiberglass, polyethylene, polyurethane, etc., low thermal conductivity,
good insulation effect.
Rock wool board technical parameters:

Rock wool board is a natural basalt as main raw material, high temperature melting, by the high-speed centrifugal equipment made of man-made mineral fibers,
while adding a special binder and dust oil, and then heat cured, made into a variety of specifications, rockwool insulation products with different
Specifications: (mm) length 1000, width 630, thickness 30-120
Bulk density: (kg / m3) 80,100,120,150
Pingdingshan wool board factory cnows-160 Scope:
For the plane and the radius of curvature larger tanks, boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment and building insulation, heat insulation and sound
absorption. Pingdingshan waterproof rock wool board manufacturers cnows-160 more suitable in wet, damp environment easily with water, moisture absorption
rate of 5%, 98% water-repellent.
Pingdingshan wool board factory cnows-160 performance indicators
Shot content (particle diameter 0.25mm).% 12.0
Average fiber diameter, m 7.0
Density tolerance,% + 15.-15
Thermal conductivity (average temperature 70 52 ), W / (m.k) 0.043
Thermal load contraction temperature (80kg / m3 density of more than one product) , 600
Moisture content,% 0.5
Combustion performance class A1 non-combustible
Organic content,% 4.0
Hydrophobic rate (moisture-proof mineral wool board factory Pingdingshan cnows-160),% 98
Water absorption (moisture-proof mineral wool board factory Pingdingshan cnows-160),% 5
Construction Introduction
1. Insulation required facilities and pipelines should be no leakage, the surface is dry and free of grease, no rust Jiegan under these conditions, for the
benefit of anti-corrosion, take appropriate coating.
2. In order to achieve the purpose of the minimum heat loss all fittings, plates and mats must be docked very close, in the multi-layer insulation payable
each cross seams staggered to avoid thermal bridges in the cold when necessary to prevent cold bridges.
3. Rockwool insulation products used outdoors or in a place subject to mechanical wear is appropriate metal or plastic wrap, and pay attention to the joint,
seam seal, a seal gum when necessary, the overlapping part of the coating layer is not less than 100mm.
4. For cold be sure to protect cold vapor barrier, particularly at low temperature, the resin containing no mineral wool to insulate its moisture barrier
must be fireproof.
5. When the temperature exceeds 200 , the insulation must be added to the appropriate outer sheath, such expansion would not be possible to change the
thickness and density.
6. For large diameter equipment or flat wall insulation rock wool products over 200 should be added insulation nails, (pitch 400mm) outer jacket to
7. When the holding object is placed vertically, with a considerable height, the insulation layer must have locating pins or support ring, not more than 3 m
spacing to avoid sliding down insulation material when there is vibration.


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