Have rock wool sound insulation feathure?



The wall of high density rock wool board referred to as "acoustic rock wool."

Because light is typically used for wall insulation. The typical structure of a light wall is:

Gypsum board (1 or more layers) + + keel + wool board gypsum board (1 or more layers) rock wool board is here to play the role of sound-absorbing, absorbing
part of the sound waves through the drywall, plaster reduce sonic back and forth in the cavity formed between the reflector plate, keel, gypsum board, so as
to increase the amount of wall insulation effect. Facts have proved that the packing density for light wall 80-150kg / m3 rock wool board improvement after
14 to 23 dB lower than the effect of noise is not filled only with plasterboard Rockwool.

This either-wool board Rock wool board and building materials marketed inferior wool distinct, 1st-acoustics wall dedicated wool board for light wall
insulation specially developed new products, has been fully optimized acoustic design:

Density --1st-acoustics wall dedicated wool board density was set 60-200kg / m3, which is the best density used in wall insulation, not only to ensure the
best sound effects, and to ensure that the wall and material strength itself. Building materials market in the sale of wool density generally does not exceed
60kg / m3, poor sound insulation, and feel very soft, vulnerable to sag and lose its full soundproofing;

Shot --1st-acoustics wall dedicated wool board is not one-sided pursuit of the number of shot content, but strictly control the particle size of the slag
ball and ensure Shot in rockwool slabs uniform distribution. When sound waves encounter ?? Shot due to reflection and scattering energy reduction, so that
the sound insulation rock wool board can be improved. Building materials market sold due to uneven density rockwool insulation easily formed vulnerability;

Glue --1st-acoustics wall dedicated wool board using manual methods of cotton continued to ensure uniformity and strength of the cotton layer, pressed by
high temperature, without adding too much adhesive, which is well maintained rockwool fire performance. Building materials market to maintain the strength of
the wool sold under the low-density, added a lot of plastic, which will not only reduce the fire resistance, and aging can cause gum wool board scattered

Size --1st-acoustics wall wool board dedicated to facilitate the construction, according to the standard spacing keel width is determined as 800mm, 600mm,
400mm and other specifications, so you do not have at the time of construction of the wool board cut, thus reducing the rock cotton debris stimulation
construction workers. Cause building materials market limited to the aspects of the sale of equipment such as rock wool is generally required to be cut at
the construction site. After optimization design, 1st-acoustics wall wool board can make special sound insulation wall light by 10 dB or more.

In 2002 the introduction of high-tech automatic flat mineral wool production line, the annual output of 12500m3, rock wool board is widely used in
shipbuilding, metallurgy, electricity, construction and other industries. The product construction and installation convenience, energy-saving effect is
remarkable, with high cost performance.

Rock wool board is one of our main products, this product is the main function of thermal insulation, noise reduction silencers, used extensively for thermal
insulation in construction, chemical, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, energy, transportation and other areas, sound absorption noise Reduction.
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Rock wool building slabs have excellent fire protection, thermal insulation and sound absorption properties. It is mainly used for building walls, thermal
insulation of the roof; building walls, firewalls, fire doors and fire and noise of the elevator shaft. For electric power, petroleum, metallurgy,
shipbuilding industry, pipe insulation and heat insulation, in particular to facilitate the rapid construction of small mouth straight pipe. Special features
waterproof wool tube with moisture, exhaust temperature, hydrophobic, particularly suitable in rainy, humid environment, moisture absorption rate of 5%, 98%
or more hydrophobic. Marine rock wool insulation panels and water-repellent wool insulation board in the production of water-repellent additive added, with
good moisture resistance. Thermal insulation and fire cut wool board for marine vessels; water-repellent wool board for vehicles, mobile equipment, cold
storage, air conditioning ducts and fire insulation in a humid environment, and there are certain requirements for moisture applications.

Rock wool building slabs have excellent fire protection, thermal insulation and sound absorption properties. It is mainly used for building walls, thermal
insulation of the roof; building walls, firewalls, fire doors and fire and noise of the elevator shaft. Waterproof rock wool board in the production of
additives added to the water to make our products better moisture hydrophobic properties, mainly for shipbuilding, construction, etc. to moisture, fire has
certain requirements of the occasion.


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