What is the difference between soundproofing panel and sound-absorbing cotton ?

soundproofing panel (Barriers)
Soft fiber material or PMMA or polycarbonate plate made of sheet metal, commonly known as soundproofing panel.
PMMA or polycarbonate panels made of material having acoustic panel: anti-aging, high temperature, transparent, light
weight, easy installation of the characteristics
Wood furniture, the use of wood or other plant fiber raw material chopped, softened, grinding, forming, pressing and other
processes made one kind of wood-based panels. Sub-rigid, semi-rigid, soft three. Hardboard hard dense, for cars, boats,
furniture, home interior decoration and other timber crates. Soft lightweight porous fiber for insulation, sound
absorption, good material, so called "soundproofing panel."
soundproofing panel main features: to ensure sound absorption, sound insulation under the premise, which is characterized
by production, installation is simple
1, a large amount of noise: the average amount of noise 37dB. (Condition absorbing cotton 48K, thick high 500 95
length 1000-3000)
2, the absorption coefficient is high: the average absorption coefficient of 0.84. (Condition absorbing cotton 48K, thick
high 500 95 length 1000-3000)
3, weather durability: The product has water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, temperature changes caused by
rain will not reduce the performance or quality of an exception. Products using noise barriers polycarbonate panels,
galvanized polycarbonate panels, glass wool, H galvanized steel column surface corrosion life of more than 15 years.
4, panels and beautiful: choose a variety of colors and shapes are combined with the surrounding environment to form a
5, panels Economy: prefabricated construction, improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, saving construction
costs and labor costs.
6, panels convenient: parallel with other products to install, easy maintenance, easy to update.
7, soundproofing panel Safety: acoustic board 6.2 rope connected at both ends fixed to prevent secondary damage, causing
property damage.
8, panels Light: acoustic panels series of products with light weight characteristics, square mass of less than 20 kg,
load bearing reduce elevated light rail, elevated road, can reduce the cost structure.
9, soundproofing panel fire: the use of ultra-fine glass wool, because of its high melting point, non-flammable,
environmentally friendly and fully meet fire code requirements, fire and other up to A-level.
10, high strength: the combination of different climatic conditions of each region, in the structural design to take full
account wind loads. Using 1.0-1. 6mm galvanized sheet through CNC equipment, pressing grooves to increase the strength of
the product anti-10-12 typhoons, compression 300kg / m2.
11, waterproof, dustproof: Venetian design fully considered waterproof, dustproof, the angle is set to 450, in rain or
dust environment, its absorption is not affected, construction dust exhaust drainage measures have been set up to prevent
member internal water.
12, soundproofing panel durable: product design has been fully taken into account wind load, the impact of road traffic
safety and all-weather vehicle open-air corrosion. Aluminum alloy polycarbonate panels, galvanized polycarbonate panels,
glass wool, H galvanized steel column surface. I guarantee product does not corrode in 15 years, the same type, sound
absorption, sound insulation effect is not reduced.
soundproofing panel purposes: urban rail traffic noise barriers, highway noise barriers, noise barriers indoor, air
conditioners and machinery noise barriers acoustic insulation cotton fibers are polyester fibers and low-melting and
mixing by opening, carding, lapping, heat box Finally, through a needle or a hot air process and the formation of sound-
absorbing insulation and fire protection as well as the effect of the finished cotton.
Its acoustic insulation effect, environmental protection, non-toxic, fire and therefore for the house or luxury hotel wall
effect and can achieve both cost savings and less pollution. Is an ideal material.
According to the general situation, the g lies 40g / m-2000g / m, width of 0.5m-3.2m, 0.5cm-20cm in thickness can be
Commonly used in acoustic speakers, sound-absorbing walls in the house, the front car cover acoustic insulation, acoustic
insulation car roof and sides of the door between, etc. can also be used in some furniture and bedding.

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