3D Edgy Polyester fiber acoustic panel



3D Edgy is mounted on the wall. You can use different colors, different perspectives, the perfect world mosaic.
Natural Beauty,

They give structure to smooth walls on interior surfaces, covering walls either partially or entirely. The three dimensional form is made up of asymmetrical surfaces ‘folding’ onto one plane to form a hexagonal base.By playing with concave and convex planes and using them to accentuate one another, it creates the effect of visually pulling the user towards itself. The side surfaces of the two and a half dimensional form imitate the three dimensional one,
giving it a playful character, despite the flat top surface. Kingkus 3D Edgy’s asymmetry enables the designer to create a multitude of patterns for a wide range of uses: from decorative surfaces to guidance systems and can even be integrated into corporate identities.