Fiberglass acoustic panels / Acoustic Mineral Wool panels


   Fibreglass panels have been around for decades but have only recently made their mark on the audio industry. it has fine sound Absorption Effect,The inside of Glass wool may absorb wavelengths of sound as it has continuous porous air pockets.
Through intensive sonic testing, it was discovered that fibreglass panels are just about the best material out there for acoustically treating Home Theatres, Control Rooms, Recording Studios, Listening Rooms and Vocal Booths.

Fibreglass are manufactured by spinning molten glass into fine wool-like fibres, containing up to 65% recycled glass content. These inorganic, non-combustible fibres are bonded together using a thermosetting resin and .

Lightweight but Dense
Fibreglass panels are much denser than regular acoustic foam, meaning that they will absorb more sound energy using less material. The light-weight panels make installation simple.

Glass wool panel is made with nonflammable glass fiber preventing the spread of fire, and has excellent insulation performance at the same time.
In addition, it has sound absorption effect and durability for shock, pressure, and vibration.

02. Features
Fire Safety
By using the inflammable glass wool as an insulator material, it keeps flames from spreading. It is suitable for fire-resisting constructions or fire areas because it does not create toxic gases during fire.

Anti-Corrosive Effect
As Glass wool is a inorganic product, the deformation of shape or corrosion are very little for long duration.
It maintains the original shape and has outstanding durability against shocks, pressures and vibrations.


• Effective Sound Absorption: Eliminates unwanted boundary reflections and controls excessive room reverberation. NRC rating from .75 to 1.0 depending on density and thickness of the Fiberglass board. Eliminates slap-echo between parallel surfaces and improves signal-to-noise ratio for listening or recording.

• Easy Installation: Acoustic fiberglass board is a great choice for custom installations or DIY acoustics. Fiberglass insulation boards are easily cut to size with a utility knife or shears and can be mounted into wall or ceilings. Acoustic fiberglass can also be used to create soffit or corner bass traps.

Insul having density of 16 kg/m3 to 32 kg/m3 rolls / 48kg/m3 to 96 kg/m3 panels