Acoustic Polyester Panel with Fireproof Sound-Absorbing Facing:
                                                        Fireproof / fire resistant facing
                                                        BCA Group 2 Classification with Average Specific Extinction Area less than 250 m2 /kg
                                                        Designed for maximum noise absorption at low to mid frequencies
                                                       Tough, durable and (optional) water-repellent facing
                                                       Environmentally friendly with 100% recyclable acoustic polyester
                                                       Long service life i.e., will not deteriorate when exposed to hot and humid conditions

                                                       Fire resistant facing to reduce potential fire hazards
                                                       Suitable for all buildings under BCA fire requirements for wall and ceiling linings
                                                       Maximum noise reduction, especially at low to mid frequencies
                                                      Non hazardous, safe to handle
                                                      Easy to install, i.e., low installation costs
                                                      Low maintenance costs.