Alumina ceramic Sound-absorbing panels


   Application field:
Widely used in concert halls, theaters, cinemas, KTV and dance halls, recording rooms, studios, monitoring rooms, gymnasiums, conference halls, airport lounges, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, large shops, hotels and restaurants.

Obvious sound absorption effect: rationally prepared with several materials on basis of the acoustic principle
Outstanding noise-reducing and sound-absorbing effect
With good decorative effect, the products can be beautified with wood grain and required patterns, therefore has a wide range for application
The acoustical absorptivity is not impacted by the environment or time and its sound absorbing performance can keep stable for a long period
Good fireproof property: inorganic material, grade A1 in combustible
High-tech ecological binder and inorganic materials not harmful to human
Free of radioactivity and harmful substances such as formaldehyde and heavy metal, safe and reliable
Static charge resistant: has volume resistance 1 x 10Λ6Ω to 1 x 10Λ8Ω, may effectively avoid static discharge, effectively reduce absorption of dust, and keep air fresh indoor
Due to high strength, it will not be damaged during handle, installation and use
Water- and moisture proof, anti-moth, anti-fungus and antibiotic property, and its strength will not loss in wet environment
Compared with traditional acoustical material, it has low maintenance cost, long service life and is not liable to aging
Easy and simple to install