Ginkgo biloba 3D Polyester fiber acoustic panel



Ginkgo biloba  3D is an innovative application for cafes, restaurants, offices, boardrooms,
classrooms and as a retrofit to reduce reverberation time in most commercial and education spaces.
Suitable to use as wall panel and direct fixed to the ceiling.
Ideal for use on walls in smaller rooms such as boardrooms to prevent parallel flutter. Available on indent

roduct Type: Ginkgo biloba 3D Polyester fiber acoustic panel
Material: 100%  recyclablepolyester fiber. 
Surface Type: Smooth and can be kept for five years
Technics: Does not contain any Red List chemicals
Feature: Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
Density: Made by 1650g/sqm(183kg/m3)
Color: 35 colors in stock and can be customized
Size: 473*405*58mm 0.28kg
Package: 800*500*600mm have 25pcs one carton