Fabric Soft Acoustic Panels


   Fabric wrapped acoustic panels are available in standard sizes as well custom cut to meet specific design criteria. Edges can be resin hardened for a crisp finish, or natural for a soft finish, and are available in square, beveled, radius, and mitered detail. Our panels are lightweight, easy to install, and are Class A Fire Rated.  

Area of application:
Conference rooms, auditoriums, seminar hall, libraries, recording rooms, cinema halls, home theatres, study room, stadiums, Disco, pubs, hotels and where ever you require acoustical environment.

Noise free environment that enhance the work capability, reduces chaos so less stress fire retardant fabric for high performance and safety aesthetic looks and good ambience.
Product Specification
300 mm X1200 mm, 600mmx600mm, 600mmx800mm, 600 mm X1200 mm
600 mm X1200 mm; 1200 mm X2400 mm
Other Sizes Can Be custom-ordered As Hexagon, triangle

Thickness: 10mm, 25mm, 50mm

Density:96-110 kg/m3


Edge Profile Option (squared or beveled)





Fabric Colour Option