Polyester sound absorbing cotton



Polyester sound absorbing cotton consists of fi ne, long , polyester fi bres of various deniers thermally bonded without the use of any chemical additive in its
production. Is widely recognized for its energy conserving and sound absorption / thermal insu
Since there are no chemical components involved in the
manufacturing process at any time, it has self-extinguishing

Polyester sound absorbing cotton is not affected by ultraviolet radiation neither by bacterial, microorganisms, insects etc. It has long time durability and does not
need frequent replacements.
Temperature application range -40 to +80°C.

It is particularly lightweight, flexible and easy to assemble.

Eco friendly
Some types of Polyester sound absorbing cotton are made from recycled materials and it can
also be recycled.
Friendly for humans and the environment
Polyester sound absorbing cotton is totally hygienic and non-allergic. It can be installed with
bare hands and does not leave any itchy feeling to the installers. No
gloves are required for handling it and it is 100% non-carcinogenic,
thereby making it very user friendly. It is rot proof and.




Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room)