Green sound insulation cotton

Sound development: the market's rapid economic development, people's living environment, environmental protection requirements of life gradually improved. Noise pollution problems caused by increased economic development, used in home insulation project is also relatively common materials used are replaced update from the original sound effects pursued until now, that is the pursuit of results as well as the pursuit of security , progressive environmental protection. Truly environmentally friendly fill insulation materials, environmental protection does not itch, home theater, home decoration materials commonly used in insulation
Environmental noise cotton introduced: environmental noise from 100% cotton, polyester fibers, do have the relevant environmental test report, environmental protection E1 grade level, direct contact with the human body, convenient construction, commonly 30mm, 50mm2 kinds of specifications, is fiberglass, rock alternatives to cotton and other similar materials.
Environmentally friendly cotton insulation properties: 30mm environmentally friendly cotton insulation properties 20 m * 1 m * 30mm, density 400g / m 50mm green cotton insulation properties 1.2 m * 0.6 m * 50mm, density of 1.1kg / m Other specifications, thickness and density of the product can optionally area customized production
Environmental noise cotton Advantages: nontoxic, harmless, E1 grade level, do have a correlation detection convenient construction, 50mm cotton specifications with the same dragon skeleton, mounted directly tiled, 30mm direct cutting 98% hydrophobic rate, high water permeability, does not affect the sound effects, you can make use of secondary recovery

Environmental noise cotton sound principle:

Environmentally friendly insulation cotton material is flexible polyester fibers, polyester fibers 1-2 microns in diameter,
Hot, stacked bond made inside a gradient mesh three-dimensional form, there are interconnected
Connected pores, when the incident acoustic environmental noise cotton, friction consumes sound energy into heat energy, play a sound effect. But the porous fluffy cotton insulation,
As the sole soundproofing material, commonly used in insulation which works together with the insulation blankets.
Environmentally friendly cotton insulation applications:
??Environmentally friendly cotton insulation because of its good sound insulation, new environmental protection materials,
Material cost far more than similar glass fiber, rock wool and other materials, fire rating B
level. Often used in industrial insulation,
Entertainment soundproofing, home insulation, sound insulation field office, in the wall, ceiling or sound insulation made wooden floor, as a filling material filled in the cavities in the keel.

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