what different between Sound Insulation materials and insulation cotton ?


SInsulation materials and insulation material silencer cotton are, what different definitions
Complex environment and diverse selection, after the election would choose the sash window frame glass window frame even pretend to be airtight, but the
glass would not achieve the effect of noise, noise natural desire can not be achieved, it is understood, insulation materials glass is a play on the sound
shielding effect of glass products, laminated glass is usually double or multi-layer composite structure, the middle of the glass film laminated glass und
propagation weakening play a key role in the soundproofed glass products including a laminated glass. Soundproof glass according to different production
process can be divided into the following three categories: hollow glass, vacuum glass, laminated glass.
Noise pollution, the most important window frame insulation materials, home decoration, soundproofed focused on several areas, including siding, windows,
glass, floors. Industry insiders, the principle is the use of sound insulation material mass density of sound insulation in a space, mainly affecting indoor
soundproof walls and floors, to prevent noise pollution, the biggest determinant of doors and windows.
The past two years, some of the site improved building standards, the situation of the surrounding environment, while improving, but the situation is still
frequent noise nuisance. Therefore, some people consider that since it is difficult to solve the problem at the source, to start processing from the
protection, noise performance of modern home decoration, decoration has become a major point of reference person.
Netease home information display, steel doors modern residential widespread use of horizontal pull sound insulation window depends on adaptation between two
windows and window frames and between, and opened the window is closed depends on its rear window adaptation of the frame, the general use of plastic doors
and windows seal strip, with ordinary aluminum window "tough" different, sound effects more apparent.
Environmentally friendly cotton insulation is made from 100% polyester fiber from its environmental performance is its greatest strength, test data up to the
national level E1, is able to evaluate and direct human contact. Its fire performance is B1 level, is a flame retardant product. Its noise performance has
been recognized by the majority of experts in acoustics. 100% of its raw materials of polyester fiber, with environmental protection, flame retardant,
insulation, moisture, mildew, easy to dust, easy to cut, easy to parquet, construction, cost-effective superior characteristics, there are a variety of
patterns and colors to choose from, you can to meet the different levels of style and decoration requirements. In the decorative materials and acoustic
engineering, is widely used by many famous acoustics expert recognition and praise, and by all sectors of interior designers, designers and acoustics trust
chosen to become the city's most architectural acoustics, industrial noise materials, products, noise reduction engineering of choice.
Expert analysis, current steel doors and windows of various styles, in addition to the traditional inside and outside the flat open, sliding and folding,
there are inner Tilt doors, hanging doors on sliding, sliding doors and windows suspended under paragraph. Although the steel doors and windows with good
sealing performance, to ensure that the sound effects, but also brought the weakness of insufficient ventilation.
If you want to maintain ventilation and resist the noise, the only option is to buy ventilators, according to insiders, ventilation can be installed between
the window and the window line, do not take place, prices ranging from 1,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan, depending on quality and specifications.
Our products are widely used in floor, wall and ceiling concert halls, stadiums, exhibition halls, dance halls, theaters, recording studio, studio, listening
room, conference room, KTV rooms and other public places. It can well absorb noise and prevent indoor reflection sound strongly affect the indoor environment..

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