Weedtree base material  soundproofing Panels


   Groove Wooden Slats Acoustic Panels have longitudinal grooves and slats, machined along the length of the panel. These panels are consisting of a laminate finished surface, base core board and black acoustic felt attached on the back. The base core board is an 12mm - 18mm thick Fiberboard sheet with a finish laminated to its front face and black acoustic felt adhered to its rear face. The groove acoustical Slats consist of panels made from acoustical fibreboards with linear perforations for excellent uniformity.Materials based on acoustic theory, remarkable sound-absorbing function, middle and low frequency sound-absorbing effects especially renowned.

 2.Basic Material
3.Front Finish
4.Back Finish
5.Standard Size
6.Standard Thickness
7.Standard Pattern
9.Fire rate
10.Eco Level
12.Is customized
Basic Material , Finish & Back Finish
E2 Weedtree base material
Melamine , Natural Wood Veneer , Paint , etc .
Black Acoustic Felt
2440 * 128 , 2440 * 192 mm , etc .
12 / 15 / 18 mm
13 – 3 , 14 – 2 , 28 – 4 , 59 – 5 , etc .
( 1 ) Light weight steel keel system ( 2 )Wooden battern system
can meet China Standard Class B1 and BS476 Part 7 Class 1
can meet China and EU Standard Class E2
gymnasium , hotels , exhibition centers , schools , studio etc .
can be Customized

Standard Pattern:13-3,14-2,28-4 and the Sound Absorption Frequency Characteristic Graph

Installation System
(1)Lightweight steel keel system
(2)Wood batten system