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  Sound absorber for the ceiling to improve the room acoustics
In office rooms, poor room acoustics can significantly affect work performance, especially with several employees. Even in individual offices, poor acoustics, e.g.
In telephone calls for the listener very disturbing.
It is advisable to use sound absorbers to improve the room acoustics quality of the rooms

Sound absorbers for ceilings as insertable ceiling cushions
The suspended acoustical ceilings often used in offices, the necessary sound absorption for a pleasant acoustics is not sufficient (mostly due to lack of mineral wool slabs.
For this purpose, the ceiling cushions sound absorbers can be easily installed. The plates are made according to the grid ceiling sizes (usually 62.5 cm).
The plasterboard perforated panels of the acoustic ceilings are excavated and the acoustic elements are used quickly and simply.
The replacement of the panels in the ceilings is done without special tools, as the sound absorbers are clamped in the existing metal grid.

Structure of the sound absorber
The ceiling absorbers are made of a special acoustic fleece made of polyester fibers instead of acoustic foam - this material ensures optimal sound absorption.
The acoustic elements are additionally covered with a special acoustic textile - a visually matching design is easy to find with our decorative fabrics:
A comprehensive range of fabrics and colors is available to choose from. Since the sound absorbers still protrude below the ceiling edge,
the total surface of the acoustic element increases significantly. The actual sound absorption takes place in the acoustic tile - the
sound waves are transformed into heat energy, and no longer reflected in the room - this reduces the reverberation.

Combination with other standard articles
Often it makes sense to limit the measures for improvement not only to an area in the room, such as on ceilings,
but to complement the room acoustics measures by other acoustic elements, such as acoustic images,
wall absorbers, acoustic walls, or ceiling sails. As a result, the sound absorption takes place on different space-limiting surfaces
 - the risk of standing sound waves through parallel reverberant surfaces of the rooms (ceiling / floor - wall / wall) is significantly reduced and thus
 improves the acoustics.

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