sound Absorber


 Sound absorbers are designed to eliminate sound reflections to improve speech intelligibility and to create a precise and comfortable room sound environment.

they are made of high-performance acoustic foam (open cell polyurethane foam), Polyester fiber, cellular melamine, fiberglass. Generally,
the specialized sound absorption materials will have a greater ability to absorb sound, as measured by the material¡¯s Noise Reduction Coefficient, or NRC

they help eliminate echo and soften the resonance mode effects in the room,and are effective in reducing and controlling reverberation time at medium

A wide variety of materials can be applied to walls and ceilings depending on your application and environment. These materials vary in thickness
and in shape to achieve different absorption ratings depending on the specific sound requirements

The acoustic sound absorbing panels are easy to install, and are especially recommended in rooms where sound experience is essential.


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