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 In many areas - be it in the office, kindergarten, school, meeting room - there is an increase in the level of noise. This is mostly due to modern
architecture with highly reflective surfaces of floors, ceilings and walls. The result is high sound levels and poor speech intelligibility,
which fatigue and impair performance.

To reduce the sound level, we recommend installing sound absorbers on the ceiling or in the upper wall area. Depending on the requirements of
 optics or stability, different products can be considered here. Partial covering is usually sufficient (about 30 - 50% of the floor space of a room,
depending on room height and output sound level). This measure significantly reduces the reverberation time and thus the sound level,
increases speech intelligibility and thus makes a room much more pleasant.

Sound absorbers are elements that "absorb" sound, transforming the sound energy into other forms of energy (heat or vibration energy).

As very good sound absorbers serve e.g. Open-celled acoustic foams or closed-cell foams with a special cell structure or fibers of nonwovens.
The sound absorption capacity is optimized for some materials by a special surface treatment (e.g., structure, embossing or lamination).

By placing ceiling or wall absorbers in a room, the sound reflection is reduced, the reverberation time is shortened and the audibility of the room is improved.

However, sound absorbers are also used in the technical field, e.g. used in a soundproof housing.


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