Acoustics in sports halls -----Loud sport in quiet halls

In order to ensure the speech intelligibility during training lessons and to keep the noise disturbance for athletes, trainer and audience low, Subject to the kind of room use and the space volume the reverberation period in sports halls should amount to 1,4 to 2,5 sec.

• speech intelligibility in the single and in particular multiple sporting activities
• speech communication possibilities of the athletes among themselves
• noise and therefore stress-free sports

we offers various possibilities for improving the room acoustics in sports and multi-purpose halls in the area of wall and ceiling cladding.

High-quality ball-proof acoustic panels
Ball-proof acoustic panels can be made of wood, medium dense fibreboard(MDF),They do not only captivate by their practical sound-absorbing function,
but are also characterized by a beautiful appearance.

Acoustic performance ​​are taken into consideration as well as building physical features.
Ball-proof acoustic panels must be very resilient and can withstand impact speeds of up to 80 km / h
In fact, certificate of ball throwing safety must be provided for project that are in a sports hall.

This applies not only to the wall surfaces, elastic baffle systems and ceiling coverings, but also to luminaires,
Gates, doors, clocks or other objects that are in the hall. Details are refer to DIN 18032-3.

acoustic ceilings
it can generates a considerable noise level in sports halls , This is where acoustic panels can help
Acoustic ceilings are not only certified according to DIN 18032-3, but also according to EN 13964.
The impact strength plays a central role and corresponds at an impact speed of 60 km / h,

After the impact, ball-proof acoustic panels must not be deformed or damaged in any other way.

Acoustic wall coverings

For reducing the noise level, we can install acoustic or ball-proof acoustic panels in sports halls

these acoustic panels can bear to impact at speeds of up to 80 km / h according to DIN 18 032-3.
neither deform nor be damaged in any other way.

Ballproof acoustic panels are available in different sizes,
 Colors and shapes available. So they can fulfill not only practical and safety-relevant, but also aesthetic functions.


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