How to choose insulation materials which has good insulations  effects


Now a variety of city noise polluters time our ears, affect our lives, so many of my friends in the decoration in order to create a comfortable home environment would choose soundproofing materials to reduce noise. But so much the effect of noise insulation materials which material is good, "how to choose the deadening it? With a look.

What kind of sound insulation material
?Sound-absorbing cotton
?Indoor insulation materials belong to the most common sound-absorbing cotton, absorbent quilts widely used in ktv karaoke, recording studios, dance halls, cinemas and other public places sound noisy. Sound-absorbing cotton obvious advantages in the renovation process easy process, but also moisture-absorbing cotton waterproof, breathable and better than other materials. Sound-absorbing cotton but also has its shortcomings, poor sound-absorbing cotton flame retardant not well cut off the spread of fire.
Wood wool acoustic panels
Interior soundproofing material wood wool acoustic panels are also very popular. Wood wool acoustic panels mostly aspen fiber-based, natural texture. Meet people urban life nature pursuit. Wood wool acoustic panels are simply decorated, wood wool acoustic panels for sound-absorbing cotton relatively more high-end atmosphere, better sound insulation. More use of quality requirements in high places, such as concert halls, opera houses and other luxury establishments.
Acoustic panels
Indoor use of sound insulation material plate in different positions chamber baffles used is also different. Any material has certain sound effects, but after processing of high density, good sound effects which we call baffles. In the Select baffles we must look at whether the test reports, if there is no authoritative reports so soundproof insulation board on the far.
How to choose insulation materials
1, soundproof windows buy
Look Size: View window size is correct.
2, soundproof doors optional
See Weight: formula and density soundproofing material has a direct relationship, so the density soundproofed relatively good, relatively light molded door, molded door which is the root cause of the noise is not good. But be careful: Tablet hollow middle door plus cotton insulation will also sound insulation than wood doors.
Look thickness: surface laminate thicker the better soundproofing. General Wooden surface laminates used should be 8mm thick. Thickness of the surface layer while the flatness of the better, but the cost will increase. But: the surface layer of metal iron fire doors 3mm thick, sound insulation is good.
About which sound insulation materials and how to select deadening small series introduced here, I believe after reading everyone should have the understanding. But for the material well, everyone has their own answers, not in terms of unity, when we choose according to their own needs and preferences can be purchased.



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