New home decoration insulation Mo ignored


cotton insulation wall plus multi Thick curtains

Spring, renovated home a lot. Zou Tao whom engaged in interior decoration design said, when to new home renovation, the house also do not ignore the noise problem.

The decoration on the wall add a layer of cotton insulation, can reduce the incoming noise. You can also do some soft pack treatment on the wall, as in a TV backdrop, sofa backdrop, bedside backdrop, corridors and other local walls, leather or fabric surface to be filled with a sponge made of a block of soft package fixed up, not only in appearance, as well as acoustic, noise function. In the wall or walls near the road connected to a neighbor, put bookcases, wardrobe and other large pieces of furniture, it is possible to block a portion of the noise.

In addition to soundproof walls to do, the more use of thick curtains, there are sound-absorbing effect, increasing the sense of quiet bedroom. In addition, wood is better than the sound insulation tile floor. Carpet on the ground, can reduce the move, the sound generated by friction can also reduce the impact on downstairs. Able to do so, but also with cotton insulation pipes under the wrap, can play a good sound insulation, simple cheap prices



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