Restaurant Acoustics Solutions

The feel-good factor in restaurants also has something to do with acoustics. A bad room acoustics with high reverberation times makes discussions among the guests more difficult.
Overall, the noise level is too high and not only excludes people with hearing problems from conversations entirely.
The service must ask more frequently or perhaps even notes the wrong thing.

Acoustic solutions for retrofitting bring comfort

In most cases, there is sufficient space for room acoustic treatment: between lighting, ventilation and sound,
a few sound absorbers fit easily be installed on the wall or ceiling.

And to ensure that the gastronomic design and color concept does not suffer, these acoustic elements are attractively packaged and individually adaptable.
With interchangeable systems you can transform the room decoration in minutes and so on. adapt to the seasons or redecorate for events.

Because one thing is certain: If your guests feel comfortable, they come back more often or just stay longer. And both leads to more sales.

Typical acoustic problem in restaurants
High ceilings and bare walls
Both provide for more sound reflections and more reverberation. And the so-called Lombard effect ensures that the effects are amplified.
If it is loud in the restaurant or if we do not understand something well, we automatically speak louder. The result: the total ringing level increases.
Sound absorbers can effectively counteract this phenomenon.

The simple solution for better acoustics in restaurants.
The motifs of the acoustic image modules are interchangeable - completely without any tools. If you e.g. want to redecorate quickly and without much effort.
Or if you simply need to clean the fabric.

Acoustic solutions for restaurantl and gastronomy
Our solutions are individually adaptable in shape and color. So a consistent color concept does not have to stop at the acoustic elements.
Even hotel rooms can be furnished with our acoustic images stylish and highly functional at the same time.


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