Office acoustics solutions

Professional acoustic planning in the office - creates a feel-good climate and more success for companies.
Ringing of telephones, Phone calls out, sounds from office equipment such as printers,
through-the-wall traffic of other office workers - all stress factors that affect the concentration, performance and finally the success of a company.

Professional acoustics planning in the office environment ensures better corporate success

Office room acoustics can be planned in detail by experts. This can create a work / rest atmosphere in the office that significantly improves the concentration,
creativity and performance of employees.

Professional, acoustic office space planning leads to a pleasant working atmosphere, more productivity, a better working atmosphere and finally more success for companies.
In addition, legal requirements for office acoustics can be made visible and adhered to.

Who does not know the high noise level of a large office, the disturbing noises of the next printer, or the constant ringing of other phones.
This not only annoys, but exerts a strong influence on the concentration and performance of employees.
However, businesses benefit tremendously from the accurate work of concentrated accountants, creative marketing heads,
successful salespeople who can fully engage with your conversational partner, and project groups that achieve faster, better results.

We create optimized acoustics in small as well as large offices.
Through much experience, we improve the well-being and performance climate in conference and media rooms to make higher-quality work results possible.
We use state-of-the-art computer technology and experienced office planners to extremely reduce annoying noises in the office and to best promote the potential
and motivation of our employees.
Using natural materials such as hemp and virgin wool,
offices can not only reduce nerve-searing noise and provide more peace of mind. In addition, the sound-swallow images take over tasks such as air purification and
regulation of moisture.

Advantages of professional acoustic planning for offices
Subdued volume improves the ability of employees to concentrate and increases their performance potential
Significant improvement in communication as it can be made calmer, more effective and more enjoyable. Shortening conversations saves employee time and therefore costs
Optimized, quieter conversation can increase sales success on the phone and in personal conversation significantly.
a pleasant, quiet working atmosphere reduces costs by reducing staff sickness and absenteeism
Employees are usually more motivated and effective when they realize their needs are being met
Acoustic planning with professional office equipment planning

Through professional office furniture planning and other specialized software, we can acoustically calculate each office and optimize it for better working
conditions. The organization of workplaces and numerous acoustic products such as Sound absorbers can be used to improve office acoustics.

Our years of experience help to put together the right acoustic products in the office from the beginning so that they achieve the best possible result. In addition,
we make sure that when expanding or changing the offices, the sound absorbers can be perfectly integrated again..


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