Acoustics in the call center


 Room acoustics in the call center
Multi-Workplace Office More and more companies and businesses need professional call centers to provide telephone services.
Call centers are usually open-plan offices where dozens of people often make calls at the same time.
In call centers is now almost exclusively worked by headset, so that the calling colleagues do not interfere with each other.
Since the individual workstations in the call center are usually close to one another, it usually does not stay the case that the employees
disturb each other. Background noise disturbs not only the call center employee in his concentration, but also the conversation partners.
When customers hear annoying background noise through the phone, they quickly feel that they may not feel well advised or served. In order
to ensure good room acoustics in the service center or in the call center, there are special office furniture products that have been specially
developed for use in call centers.

Room acoustics and work efficiency in the call center
Workplace with a headset If one deals with the conception or the spatial planning for a call center, the spatial concept of the open-plan office is almost always assumed,
although for many people the image of the open-plan office is still quite scratched. The reason for this is that in the open-plan office,
the burdens on employees are considered relatively high. Certainly, this argument can not be dismissed without appropriate measures to optimize the room
climate and improve room acoustics.

The design of call center premises in a communication-promoting and bright atmosphere can best be realized with flexible workplaces with the help of mobile office
partition walls. And this even with a very low financial cost depending on the partition system. Significant differences in the partition walls are not only in the price,
but also in the design, in the form, in the nature of the connection and thus also in the effort for construction and conversion.

Height of acoustic walls and communication by visual contact
In various surveys of employees in the call center was often the desire for a visual contact with colleagues rated higher than a better acoustic protection
through a higher acoustic wall. The visual contact was not only regarded as very important in the immediate vicinity of one's own workplace but also across
workplaces to enable communication with hand signals or other aids.

An optimal mix of acoustic measures
The use of flexible wall and ceiling absorbers or acoustic objects, which are an optimal supplement to the acoustic walls, is considered much less in the improvement of
the room acoustics in the call center. Also on floors with sound absorbing function, either in the form of a carpet or an acoustically effective double floor,
is not always thought.

It must be mentioned in this context that in the meantime some furniture manufacturers use the surfaces of shelves and cupboards to improve the room acoustics with
the help of sound absorbing materials. Of course, with sound-absorbing cabinets and shelves alone, room acoustics can not be optimized as much as required.
But as a building block of a sophisticated and comprehensive acoustic concept of a room, you should definitely consider these innovative sound absorbing office furniture.


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