Acoustics solutions for recording studios and recording rooms


 Professionally optimize recording studios and recording rooms acoustically
How do you achieve optimum sound insulation, sound absorption and perfect acoustics in the recording studio?
High demands on the acoustics in recording studios, speaker cabins and recording rooms
Today ,In modern rooms, much is being done with glass, concrete, wooden floors and other reverberant materials, which suffers from the acoustics.

Especially absolutely perfect acoustics are necessary in the recording studio , otherwise the sound of the vocals, musical instruments or spoken passages will sound distorted.

If the room is not acoustically optimized, the unwanted reverberation effect arises. Even people in adjoining rooms or even in the neighboring house have the disadvantage,
if in sound studios insufficient or no sound-absorbing materials were used or installed. It's just loud, the sound does not sound nice.

Your own hearing is overstressed and can not capture the details in the soundtrack.

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If the room acoustics do not fit, it may not sound good
Music, song and spoken language is physically "vibrating air", which reflects back on reverberant walls and ceilings and thus increases the sound level. As a result,
the recordings or soundtracks do not sound optimal. Some of the loud sounds generate overlapping rattling, thumping and clinking in the recording room.
Bass sounds cause a standing wave and literally make the walls wobble.

All this is triggered by overlapping sound waves and reflections on walls, ceilings and floors. One also speaks of reverb or reverberation.
Many of us know this effect from churches or large entrance halls, where deliberately a very high reverberation is desired. This reverberation bothers, however,
in the recording studio, in which professionally recorded and mixed.

Improve speech intelligibility and acoustics decisively
Another very important point is the speech intelligibility. Whether on the phone or in direct conversation - a quiet environment is important to understand his
opponent acoustically well. The reverberation time is crucial for this. If this is too long, the sound waves are superimposed and the voice becomes indistinct.
The addition of sound and reverberation makes it louder and louder. So one speaks unconsciously even louder and louder to make himself understood.

To reduce this reverberation, you need acoustically optimized materials that absorb (absorb) the sound. Thanks to our sound absorbers,
the reverberation time is considerably shortened.

The panels are made of a very high-quality non-woven fabric that complies with the ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100. The fleece has innumerable tiny tiny pores into which the sound wave can penetrate.
Every fiber of the absorber gets into vibration. The sound wave is no longer reflected by the acoustic fleece. The noise does not return to the room. It is quieter and speech intelligibility is increasing.

To acoustically optimize the recording studio and the recording room to achieve the perfect sound
Acoustically optimized materials swallow the sound. This is called "absorbing" in the jargon. Hence the term sound absorber, as our nonwovens are called.

Viewed under the microscope, our fleece has millions of tiny pores or even spaces in which the sound wave can penetrate. Sound is nothing but moving,
vibrating air, which now impinges on the absorber and there stimulates the individual fibers of our nonwoven fabric to vibrate.
Sound energy transforms into frictional energy. The sound wave gets lost in the three-dimensional labyrinth.
It loses its energy and can not be reflected back to the sound source - the room gets quieter!

Create professional acoustics through sound absorbing surfaces and elements
The solution is puristically arranged design soundproofing panels. With straight, geometric shapes and reduced complexity,
our sound absorber panels in the colors white, gray, anthracite and black blend effectively into the recording studio.

Especially the dark colors are ideal for recording studios.

very high sound absorption
excellent acoustic insulation properties
ecological and healthy living
no unpleasant odor nuisance
Flame retardant
contain no pollutants
allergy friendly
completely recyclable
easy installation on wall and ceiling
very high quality appearance 


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