Analysis of factors influence the price of sound insulation cotton


With the advances in 1st-acoustics noise cotton production technology, products, materials, size, type, color is increasingly renovation. Many friends in the counseling cotton insulation, often the first one to ask how much a flat ah?

1st-acoustics noise cotton and other quality divided into 369 different products, materials, bulk density, rather color, size, environmental protection, fire rating, and many other factors, leading to 1st-acoustics noise cotton prices vary.

Insulation cotton price factors
By the law of value of goods we learned: the value of goods is determined by the social labor time of the decision, we decided to look at the value of the product supply and demand affect the price of the commodity product prices; the price always fluctuate around the value. Therefore, product prices and production technology, work efficiency, material composition, density, eco-friendly, and other aspects related to fire rating.
Precautions noise cotton purchase
Product as a fluffy material, a large number of internal and external communication hole and texture distribution, strong vertical and horizontal capabilities, soft touch, smooth surface; purchasing non-combustible or fire retardant grade material recommendations to buy, to fire safety standards; have a certain environmental features to protect people's physical and mental health

Noise cotton prices
Here to tell you about common noise cotton prices, only for reference.
Glass fiber insulation cotton cotton board and into lap two kinds lap density of small, low price per square Boffo, but also ten yuan a few dollars higher; cotton sheet
Mineral density 30km 90km eggplant can be customized, the most common resistance to 35km, 40km eggplant are two, each price level between 15 yuan to 20 yuan.
Polylactic acid fiber insulation artwork is relatively expensive, mainly due to the use of polyphenol fiber material, new environmentally friendly, soft touch, etc.

Factors 1st-acoustics summary "affect the size of the voice are the two insulation materials, and second sound source distance from the same subjects with a variety of materials were cut off with a sound source, then the noise decibel meter measured value is each sound insulation materials


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