Sound insulation & acoustic  products or solutions for a noisy world

About us

Soundproofing/sound absorbing product is Henyuan's expertise. Henyuan provides customised soundproofing products and innovative noise control materials, especially for original equipment manufacturers. Our soundproofing products are engineered, tested and manufactured in China with globally sourced materials. Our extensive range of acoustic materials is specially engineered to maximise the materials' performance, complete with design parameters as well as extensive laboratory and field testing. Our range of soundproofing acoustic products includes: 3D sound absorbing panel, Polyester fiber acoustic Panels ,acoustic foam & sound absorbers, wooden sound absorbing panel ,vibration dampeners, sound barriers, absorber-barrier composites and vibration isolators..
Some of our innovative customised solutions include soundproofing for noisy transformers, showroom offices, corporate headquarters office building, consultation rooms, trams, trains, industrial machinery, factories, sport stadiums, multi-purpose halls, recording studios, restaurants,Cinema,classroom, plant rooms and much more..


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