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       When trying to choose the best sound absorbing material, you need to select the material according to the type of sound absorption you need.
There are many materials to choose from, each with specific uses, including spray insulation and acoustic panels. In most cases,
the type of sound absorbing material you need is different to keep noise in or out of the room or area. The first step is to determine the type of sound you want to control,
and then you can choose from a range of materials that best suit your needs.

One of the most common types of sound absorbing materials is spray-on foam and fiber blends. Expanded foams mixed with cotton and synthetic fibers are commonly
used to prevent sound transfer from the furnace and mechanical areas to office or residential areas. This option may also provide beneficial and safe side effects
if you are trying to reduce the noise entering the house from the garage: this type of sound absorbing material is usually fire resistant. This material is also one of
 the best choices for covering cement or block walls because it adheres very well to hard surfaces without peeling off.
If installed in an unconventional manner, ordinary building materials can easily improve the sound insulation level. Special clips, such as those used to hang
gypsum drywall panels, can convert these common building materials into enough sound absorbing materials. If you want to reduce the noise from the laundry,
 this may be your best choice. However, if you are trying to soundproof a music room or a home cinema, your best bet is usually a thick foam-filled
wallboard that is covered with geometric shapes designed to reflect and absorb sound.

If your goal is to isolate your home from the sound of roads on busy streets, sound-absorbing curtains and curtain-like sound-absorbing materials may be your best choice.
A special rubber mat can be used as a sound absorbing material to eliminate the noise transmitted between the floors. You can also lay carpets upstairs in your home.
Other sound absorbing materials, such as special windows, foam-filled cement blocks and simple fiberglass insulation, may be the best choice for your specific application.


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