wood sound Diffuser

 Structure: basic material, front finish
Front: MDF / Particleboard (Particle) / Plywood
Standard size: 600 * 600, 2440 * 128, 600 * 1200, etc.
Standard thickness: 15mm, 25mm, 100mm
Standard pattern: 1D QRD, 2D QRD, sound diffuser ceiling, etc.

Sound diffusion is the effect of uniform distribution of sound energy in a given environment.
The perfect diffuse sound space has the same acoustic properties anywhere in space, with some key acoustic properties.
The non-diffuse sound space will have a completely different reverberation time as the viewer moves through the room.
Sound diffusing materials not only play sound propagation, but also eliminate echo and standing waves.
Acoustic sound diffuser material diffuser wall panel

Acoustic diffuser mounting method
1. Cut the rectangular strip into two wedge-shaped strips
2. Nail a wedge on the wall
3. Pin another wedge slat on the sound diffuser
4. Match the slats and hang the sound wooden diffuser on the wall

Scope of application:
(1) interior wall and sound diffuser ceiling
(2) highly specialized studio, studio, audio equipment testing room
(3) Surface broadcasting, audio equipment
(4) Home theater, conference room, indoor gymnasium, concert hall, gym
(6) Exhibition hall, classroom, kindergarten, piano room sound diffuser
(7) Ballroom, KTV room, hotel, production workshop, office 


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