What is the difference between sound-absorbing cotton and insulation cotton?

Everyone is familiar with Lift the noise. Noise all the time affects the efficiency of our work, sleep, hearing and health.
And how many of us have considered going to do to eliminate it? Even thought, how many people know how to eliminate it do?
To solve this problem, 1st-acoustics has introduced a new production engineering methods, the choice of 100% polyester fiber imports,
the use of laminated layered, laminated strict control of pressure, which is generated by the inter-layer soft to hard

gradient sound-absorbing cotton, the noise of various frequencies have good absorption. In addition, there is another kind of cotton insulation. They are able to eliminate the noise well between both of them. So, sound-absorbing cotton and septum

What is the difference tone cotton is it? How should we distinguish? Do not worry, if you have needs in this area, may wish to come with me together to understand the relevant knowledge and sound-absorbing cotton insulation cotton distinction.

Sound-absorbing cotton effect

1, instead of rock wool or glass wool for the lightweight metal frame plasterboard partition wall structure

2, instead of sponges for KTV, cinemas, discos and other entertainment acoustic soft pack

3, acoustic decoration for the studio, audiometry room, interrogation rooms and other places and decoration

Sound-absorbing cotton Advantages

1.100% environmentally friendly products, 100% recyclable

2. The sturdy, easy to use, odorless, waterproof, moisture-proof, breathable performance, easy processing, can be made into various shapes according to the different needs of long life

3. does not rot, can withstand a variety of microorganisms, fungi, acid, salt and corrosion hydrocarbons

4. In the production process does not add any additives, adhesives.

Use sound-absorbing cotton

1, instead of rock wool or glass wool for the lightweight metal frame plasterboard partition wall structure;

2, instead of sponges for KTV, cinemas, discos and other entertainment sound-absorbing soft package;

3, acoustic decoration for the studio, audiometry room, interrogation rooms and other places and decoration.

Install sound-absorbing cotton

The installation of a sound-absorbing cotton, before construction note palette plate arrangement, to avoid slight color difference

Polyester fiber acoustic panels, is 100% polyester fiber as raw material, hot forming, due to the different colored silk production batch number, under the action of light, easy to produce a slight color difference; therefore, at the time of purchase as far as possible the same batch Health

Production of polyester fiber sound-absorbing board, before the construction of the polyester fiber acoustic board row plate, adjust the color and then adjust according to the good order of the installation (preferably contained gloves to avoid contamination) construction.

Install two sound-absorbing cotton, steel cutting board is preferred by foot

In the construction of polyester fiber acoustic panels need to be cut, cutting recommendations by tape or alloy steel as the square on foot (do not use wood or soft material as by foot) to avoid cutting a straight line does not cause too splicing gap large or twist

For the song splicing gap relative reduction in the cutting blade can be appropriately inclined inwardly from 0.5 to 1 mm, so that the interface surface is formed bevel, face plate construction easy to access, reducing the gap degrees.

Sound-absorbing cotton install three or down side of the cutting blade, the blade is recommended import

As the domestic art blade steel quality and other reasons, the blade sharp enough and life is short, easy to produce burrs and edges when cutting hair or face down, especially in the back side when generating matte obvious, so the best quality imported knife


Down while you can use the product-specific down side plane.

Installation of four sound-absorbing cotton, the base surface treatment

Flat base surface, the base surface directly in the cement paste, it should first base after plastering smooth, then paste polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels; in case of a rear cavity do the grassroots, the first should be plywood splicing gap with plastic Article (or tape) stick

paste. In case of perforated plate grassroots level, should be installed in front of the perforated plate on the hole processing (can be inside of the film and other methods). Primary air flow to avoid smudge.

Install sound-absorbing cotton V. pasted with glue choice

First, consider the use of glue line with the state environmental requirements.

The adhesive base surface can choose different types of adhesives.

1, cement or wood base: optional neoprene feedstock benzene-purpose adhesive or white latex.

2, gypsum board base: Under the premise of easy to damp, white latex can be used as raw material or cellulose wallpaper glue (after gluing paste immediately with a fixed peg to avoid the glue is dry, the board mobile), or in an easily

Where possible wet premise, the choice of all-purpose adhesive.

Polyester fiber acoustic panels, is a porous plate, easily absorb glue, clogging the hole, the proposed construction can be one-sided gluing (only the wall gluing, gluing slightly thicker than normal). Also can be accompanied peg reinforcement.

Sound-absorbing cotton install six yin and yang angle processing

Polyester fiber acoustic board, for yin and yang angle processing, its methods and the same aluminum plate construction method.

The difference between the sound-absorbing cotton and cotton insulation

Multi-absorbing cotton fiber material, open-cell structure, more fluffy, the main role is to absorb the noise, so noise attenuation down; cotton insulation are mostly rubber material, closed-cell structure, more Cishi, the main role is blocking noise.

Sound-absorbing cotton, cotton insulation and noise reduction construction is indispensable, in the noise reduction requirements are relatively high, it is necessary to use the combination of the two. After a sequence of noise insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation of multiple filters, noise can be Decayed to very small.


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