decorative acoustic Panels

      Decorative absorbing panels provide improved workspace comfort and usability. Enhances the acoustics of the room and greatly reduces reverberation.

Decorative absorbing panels are hardened with resin edges and covered with 6 lb / ft3 fiberglass for acoustically transparent fabric.
Panels are tailored to each job to suit each specific situation. Options for size, thickness, shape, fabric selection and mounting system.

  The panel has excellent sound absorption, a robust anti-abuse structure, environmental protection, quick and easy installation, and Class A flame spread rating.

Decorative absorbing panels reduce the noise reverberation of the internal hard surface, creating a more comfortable and efficient working environment.
Panels can be customized to the designer's size or shape and offer a complete range of standard or custom finishes.
 Decorative absorbing panels can be mounted continuously for uninterrupted acoustic surfaces or as a separate panel or geometrical grouping at selected workstations.
The carefully designed mounting hardware is completely hidden, ensuring a clear, unobtrusive panel joint.



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