sound diffuser panel

The random sound reflections greatly improves the sound quality and consistency of the listener. This is why the geometric diffuser is ideal for band and
chorus rehearsal rooms and performance spaces. The shaped surface of the diffuser can disperse direct sound reflections and evenly distribute them
throughout the listening space. The auditorium will benefit from the use of diffusers on the back and side walls.

There are several standard shapes, offset pyramids and radii, and geometric diffusers are often used with Kinetics' sound absorbing wall panels;
the combination of sound diffusion and absorption greatly improves overall room acoustics. The geometric diffuser is also used to lay 15/16" standard grid ceilings.

Geometric diffusers are available in three surface finishes and a variety of sizes.

White thermoformed copolymer, standard
Painting, optional
Fabric, optional
NRC: 0.10 to 0.30


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