wood diffuser panel

 Binary diffuser WOOD
122x61x10 cm
The good dispersion of sound waves indoors is one of the most important factors in improving sound quality. Proper positioning of the diffuser allows control
and prevention of the formation of dithered echoes using a diffuser, the problem of reverberation will be minimized and at the same time will retain valuable energy
music and speech.


Optimal performance for a wide range of dispersion and absorption frequencies
Scattering range 250 Hz - 9300 Hz
Connect 120x60x5 cm on the rear panel
Special binary mode
Available in 10 colors
Double coated high quality beech plywood 4MM or painted on selected 4mm furniture panels
Weighs about 6 kg
It is very easy to install using the included kit, please see the instructions below
Securely shipped in a dedicated carton
The included advanced absorber makes the panel absorb low frequencies, even at 80 Hz!

The diffuser is a specially calculated binary algorithm with excellent sound scattering characteristics. In addition, the rear panel allows the panel to not only disperse sound,
but also absorb even low frequencies!


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