polyester Acoustic Panels


   Improve acoustics with recycled material

 Acoustic elements are made from recycled PET bottles and recycled textile fibers. The acoustic panels are environmentally friendly produced, offer the best acoustic values ​​
and absorb up to 90% (!) Of the incident sound. SilentPET optimizes the room acoustics and improves the feeling of space. The SilentPET sound absorbers can be
 designed as desired in shape and color. Not only can they improve the acoustics, they also integrate well into the interior design and can be adapted to any room.

The Home & Office Acoustic Elements have been specifically designed to enhance acoustics in the office, hotel and residential areas, but they are just as well suited to any
other space where aesthetics are emphasized. The sound absorbers consist of an acoustically highly effective PET recycling core and are covered in the standard version
with a white felt. You can also choose from surface colors from our collection or order the acoustic elements in almost any 2D and 3D shape

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