Hexagon Acoustic Panels

      The Hexagon Acoustic Panel is a six-sided polygonal noise reduction panel that can be grouped on the wall to create unique designs and patterns.
The baffle is not only a decorative baffle, but also very effective in reducing noise and absorbing any ambient sound. These attractive sound absorbing panels are designed
 to solve a wide variety of problems: primarily for controlling noise, eliminating slap echoes, and controlling comb filtering in the room. These decorative sound absorbing
 panels are available in two standard sizes: a 12-inch or 24-inch diameter hexagonal sound absorbing panel. Each sound absorbing panel can be cleanly fitted together
so that they can be used continuously or as a separate hanging panel for use as a ceiling cloud.

  Hexagonal sound absorbing panels can change the home, office and hotel environment, as well as classrooms, restaurants, home theaters, two-channel listening rooms, recording studios and churches.

The decorative hexagonal sound absorbing panels will add a modern touch to your home or office with its unique shape, vibrant colours and modular design.


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