Pyramidal Diffusers

    Includes diffuser and absorber. This series is the ultimate combination of sound reflection and absorption. The diffuser has a convex or pyramidal shape
with a reflective surface that spreads the sound within the area. The absorber is designed to adjust the sound level of the room. The absorber and diffuser are interchangeable.

Diffusers are ideal for places such as theatres and auditoriums that require sophisticated sound quality and enhanced acoustic performance.
The barrel and pyramid diffusers disperse and mix the sound in a single room, greatly reducing sound waves and echoes. The pyramid shape
 uniquely radiates sound from its surface, providing a balanced distribution of reflected sound for various frequencies.

Guaranteed acoustic performance - Each room is first analyzed to provide the best absorption and diffusion solution - and then the acoustic performance is guaranteed!
Solving Acoustic Problems - Wenger understands acoustic issues that have a negative impact on the rehearsal room, such as tremor echoes, hotspots and dead spots,
clarity and excessive loudness.